K Chair

Authors: Palmas Ngen, Prostor vmes

K chair is a chair, a sofa, a deckchair, it can be one-, two- or even three-seater, it is folding, unassembled, unique, different. It brings together cultures, knowledge, materials, techniques and approaches of Cameroon (Africa) and Slovenia (Europe) and comfortably embraces you in ergonomically designed seat ... Feel free to take some rest!

(Prostor vmes/ The Space in between)



Authors: Darija Batić, Polona Šavc, Teja Rojnik, Rojin Mohamd, Ismael Kalel and Romat Hassan

The idea for the hammock was developed by Darja, Polona and Teja during their conversations with Rojin, Romat and IsmaAel. Through their stories, full of memories of their homes that they had to leave behind, the Syrian Kurds gradually unveiled their rich and unique culture. The textile designers were most interested in their textile tradition. Rojin remembered a simple knotting technique, a manual textile technique, with which she has been creating bracelets and other products for the home since her childhood onwards. 

On their refugee path they have slept in all kinds of temporary beds. In the creative thoughts of the three designers the common everyday hammock grew into a small home – a cocoon of peace and silence – made in the same string tying technique as the small bracelets. The net was transformed into a bag, which was heavier and less suitable for carrying around, but which, similar to a hammock, can still be tied between two trees. In addition it allows us to crawl into it and cocoon ourselves into our own world, and lay our tired head on the pillows, which were decorated with the colourful embroidery created by Romat Hassan.  


Mentor: Martina Obid Mlakar

Participants: Kristina Drnovšek, Erfan Mohseni, Palmas Ngen, Ilir Halili

We started with a wax half-sphere and modeling tools in our hands. Each one of us engraved his own story into that shape. A pendant cast in silver has its visible and invisible sides, and a treasure can be held inside.


Kristina’s story: The bird’s nest around our neck and close to the heart is a constant reminder of our home, a shelter, full of warmth and love.


Erfan’s story: I weaved my half-sphere out of wax threads and cast it in silver. It is a simple story of my love of the handcrafts.


Palmas’s story: My tortoise is a great dream symbol of success, life longevity, and wisdom. 


Martina’s story: During our meetings I was teaching wax modeling to the participants. I created a hand that gives or receives. And that is exactly the story of this workshop and of our meetings that are still going on.